PETER LIECHTI (1951-2014)
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Portrait Peter Liechti

简历 Peter Liechti (皮特·里克提)


皮特·里克提(Peter Liechti,1951)

年出生于瑞士圣加尔,在苏黎世大学学习艺术与设计专业,毕业后来成了自由职业者,教学绘图和绘画。1981年至1982年, 皮特·里克提待在希腊的克利特岛,全心投入于绘画和写作。 1983年,皮特·里克提开始了他的第一次电影实验和电影表演。1985年在圣加尔与人共同创立了“K59”电影项目。1988年至1995年,是苏黎世的 Achziger电影小组的成员。从1990年起,他定居在苏黎世。

皮特·里克提主要影片代表作:《一个母亲的报告》(Bericht einer Mumie,2009)、《无限制室内乐》(Hardcore Chamber music,2006)、《纳米比亚交叉点》(Namibia Crossings,2004)、《幸运的男人》 (Lucky Jack,2003)、《玛莎的花园》((Martha’s,Garden 1997)、《塞纳的行李箱》 (Signer’s Suitcase,1996)、《帽子上的洞》(A Hole in the Hat,1991)、《罗曼·塞纳》(Roman Signer,1990)、《格瑞姆塞尔:目击者报告》(Grimsel :  An Eye Witness Report,1989) 、《戒除习惯》(Kick That Habit,1989)、《希望戏剧》(Theatre of Hope,1987)、《山中旅程》(A Trip to the Mountains,1986)、《垂直线与水平线》(Vertical/Horizontal,1985)

Peter Liechti died in Zurich on April 4, 2014 after a prolonged illness.

皮特·里克提访谈 – 访问者:康斯坦汀·沃尔夫

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相片等 Portraits Peter Liechti

2016  DEDICATIONS - Peter Liechti's unfinished film, Film / Installation / Buch
2013  Father's Garden – The Love of My Parents, Essay, 93 min.
2009  昆虫的声音 (The Sound of Insects) – Record of a Mummy, Essay, 88 min.
2006  无限制室内乐 (Hardcore Chambermusic) – A Club for 30 Days, Music film, 72 / 52 min.
2004  纳米比亚交叉口-精神与界限 (Namibia Crossings), Roadmovie/Essay, 92 min.
2003  幸运的男人 (Lucky Jack) – 幸运的男人, Documentary/Essay, 90 min.
1999  The Physicians – an attempt at examining the misery in the culture, Documentary, 6 min.
1997  玛莎的花园 (Martha's Garden), Fiction, 89 min.
1996  塞纳的行李箱 (Signer's Suitcase) – On the Way with the Artist Roman Signer, Documentary/Essay, 82 & 52(TV) min.
1991  帽子上的洞 (A Hole in the Hat), Art video, 32 min.
1990  格瑞姆塞尔:目击者报告 (Grimsel) – Ein Augenschein, Documentary/Essay, 48 min.
1990  罗曼·塞纳 (Fuse) – performance with Roman Signer, Documentary, 26 min.
1989  戒除习惯 (Kick That Habit), Music film, 45 min.
1987  Three Art Editions, Art video, 3 x 10 min.
1987  Spring Thaw, Essay, 8 min.
1987  希望戏剧 (Théâtre de l'Espérance), Experimental/Essay, 19 min.
1986  山中旅程 (Alpine Forays), Fiction/Essay, 33 min.
1985  垂直线与水平线 (Vertical/Horizontal), Experimental film, 8 min.
1984  Summer Hills, Experimentalfilm, 50 min.

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  • St.Gallen Cantonal Culture Prize 1986.
  • Berne Film Prizes: GRIMSEL 1990, SIGNER'S SUITCASE 1996, MARTHA'S GARDEN 1998.
  • Action Light Award Locarno: SIGNER'S SUITCASE 1995.
  • SSA Award «Best Script» SIGNER'S SUITCASE 1995.
  • Nominations for SwissFilm Prize: THE SOUND OF INSECTS 2010, NAMIBIA CROSSINGS 2005.
  • European Documentary Film Award: THE SOUND OF INSECTS 2009
  • Swiss Film Prizes: «Best Documentary Film»/«Best Editing» FATHER'S GARDEN 2014, «Best Film Music» THE SOUND OF INSECTS 2010
  • Prize of the Swiss Film Critics: «Best Swiss Film» FATHER'S GARDEN 2013
  • Zürich Art Award (Zürcher Kunstpreis) 2010
  • Grand St. Gallen Cultural Award (Grosser Kulturpreis of St.Gallen) 2010

Festival Awards 

  • Torino, Jury's Award: GRIMSEL, 1990
  • Vienna, Viennale Public Award: SIGNER'S SUITCASE, 1995
  • Leipzig, Bronze: SIGNER'S SUITCASE, 1995
  • Saarbrücken, Spezial Mention Max Ophuls Award: MARTHA'S GARDEN, 1997
  • Solothurn, Film Music Award: MARTHA'S GARDEN, 1997
  • Amsterdam IDFA, Nominee Joris Ivens Award: LUCKY JACK, 2003
  • Duisburg, 3sat-award "best German spoken film": LUCKY JACK, 2003
  • Warsaw, Millenium Award Planete Doc Review Film Festival: THE SOUND OF INSECTS, 2009
  • Montréal RIDM, Prix Caméra-Stylo: THE SOUND OF INSECTS, 2009
  • Berlinale Forum, Audience Award: FATHER'S GARDEN, 2013
  • Crossing Europe FF Linz, FEDEORA-Award Best European Documentary: FATHER'S GARDEN, 2013
  • Visions du Réel Nyon, Prize SSA/Suissimage "most innovative Swiss feature film": FATHER'S GARDEN, 2013
  • Fünf Seen Film Festival FSFF, Bavaria/Germany: FSFF Best Documentary Award: FATHER'S GARDEN, 2013
  • Busan IFF, Korea, Busan Cinephile Award: FATHER'S GARDEN, 2013

Jury activities
Grand Jury Viper, Experimental Film Festival Luzern
Commission ZHdK, film school Zürich
Grand Jury Documentary Film Festival Nyon, Vision du Réel
Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland
Jury Swiss Quality Award
Grand Jury Filmfestival Diagonale, Graz, Austria
President Grand Jury, 12th Sarajevo Film Festival
International Jury Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
Zurich Film Festival, Int'l. Documentary Film Competition
President Grand Jury, International Documentary Festival Munich
International Jury Migros Documentary Competition
2010/12Fell in Love with a Girl by Kaleo Le Belle. Script Consulting  
2009/2010Sira – Wenn der Halbmond spricht by Sandra Gysi and Ahmed Abdel Mohsen. Script Consulting, Cameraman 
2009Daniel Schmid by Benny Jaberg & Pascal Hofmann. Consultant, Coaching 
2007/09Beyond this Place by Kaleo Le Belle. Consultant, Coaching  
2005/08Sea Point Days, by François Vester. Cameraman, Concepting 
2004/05Addis Beauties, by Corinna Kuenzli. Co-director, Cameraman 
1999Asinara, by Paolo Poloni. Cameraman 
1998Der Duft des Geldes, by Dieter Gränicher. Co-editor 
1995Kastanien im Bergell, by Christoph Schaub/René Zumbühl. Cameraman 
1993Well Done, by Thomas Imbach. 2nd Unit 
1992Transit Uri, by Dieter Gränicher. Cameraman 
1990Traumzeit, by Franz Reichle. Cameraman 
1990Restlessness, by Thomas Imbach. Cameraman 
1987Schlachtzeichen, Thomas Imbach. Cameraman 

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